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TRRAC Closing on 30 Adoptions in 2018

We have had a busy year! With the holidays approaching, many of our horses have had deposits placed and await their new homes! We are pleased that all of our rescues from the auction and slaughter pipeline have found their permanent homes.

If everyone remembers, Pico Suave was a lovely chestnut gelding discarded in the slaughter pipeline. With an unknown history after his racing career was over years ago, he was found to be in horrendous condition.

With much love and TLC (and a lot of donations) Pico gradually regained health and flourished in our program. His first few rides went very well and he was placed for adoption. We are pleased to announce he is pending and currently on local trial.

2018 has been successful in transitioning horses off the track. We currently work with three aftercare programs, with a fourth, "Second Call" wishing to partner with us. Our program holds approximately 20 horses at one time in various stages of let down, rehabilitation, training and available for adoption.

Never Cross A Diva, Bella Uno and Sweet Henrietta were three amazing and beautiful mares sent to our program for rehoming.

We still have many lovely and sound prospects available. So be sure to check out the website for a list of our available horses.

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