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Meeting Our Horses

What To Expect

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, limited physical appointments are available. To accommodate the needs of adopters, we also offer virtual appointments and are more than happy to send additional photos and videos of horses performing tasks other than riding.

If you have a physical appointment scheduled, you will be required to wear a mask, even when picking up a horse. We are happily socially distanced over 65 acres and take precautions to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.

Please, no dogs at our facility. An adopter may bring their trainer and one family member. Please no outside "friends" or those who you do not interact/live with daily.


Step 1 - Applications

Applications may be submitted either online or mailed (not recommended as mail is slower). Applications are easy to complete online and must be filled out in entirety to be considered for approval.

Application processing time may take up to 5-7 business days depending on your references. You must submit a letter of recommendation from your veterinarian which can be attached to your application online or emailed to our office. If you are set on the horse you absolutely want, a deposit may be placed as long as your application has been submitted prior. If your application is denied, your deposit will be returned.


Step 2 - Meeting Horses

Once your application is approved - you may go ahead and schedule an appointment either in person or online to meet and view horses you are interested in. Our staff will guide you in helping select your perfect horse. During this time, you may ride, groom and handle the horse, as well as ask questions you feel are important.

If you want to make a "one stop" and have an approved application, you may bring your trailer and take your horse home the same day!

Step 3 - Deposits and Pre-Purchase Exams

Once you have decided on a horse to adopt that seems to suit- you may place a deposit hold on the horse. During this time, a deposit hold will allow for paperwork, pre-purchase exams (recommended, but not required) as well as arranging shipping.

A pre-purchase exam may be conducted by a veterinarian of your choice. If you do not have a veterinarian in our area, we can supply you with a list of local veterinarians to choose from.

Contracts and Taking Your Horse Home

Before taking your new horse home, you must sign an adoption agreement within our organization. The agreement may be signed electronically and when signed, agrees to keep our organization updated to the well-being of your horse. You will receive an invoice for your horse's adoption fee and once paid, your new friend is ready to come home! We accept PayPal, Venmo or Check (NO CASH).

Upon signing the adoption agreement, you will receive a discharge sheet complete with your horse's feed schedule, turn out, equipment utilized during training, vaccines, deworming, coggins, dental and shoeing date as well as any and all medical records.

After Adoption

After adoption updates are easy to send! We require a once monthly update for the first 6 months, with  updates every 6 months thereafter. Your horse's previous connections care about them and we are happy to supply our donors and racing connections with happy updates. Send photos! We love photo spam!


Updates may be submitted at the link below.


A yearly veterinarian letter of physical inspection and vaccines are required to be submitted to our office for our records each year during ownership.


All of these updates may be submitted easily through our website at the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Adoption Process

Adopting a retired thoroughbred is quite rewarding! If you are reading this page, you are curious about owning a retired thoroughbred. We are here to answer all of your questions. Whether you have owned horses in the past, or this is your first horse- our program is here to guide you every step of the way and even beyond after adoption. Our horses have been fully evaluated for soundness and suitability in their new careers off the track, with many receiving professional training and down time before being offered to new homes. We spend countless hours with each horse, to ensure the horse you are seeking is a good fit.
Our mission is simple, yet hard work. We strive to provide safe landings to all thoroughbreds- whether they are retiring from their last race and are in need of aftercare, to those who seek sanctuary and rehabilitation. We work tirelessly to enhance the breed and demand for retired race horses in new careers. Our program is trusted by many breeders, owners and trainers to ensure safety and all horses are retired responsibly from their owners from racing, with their registration papers sent back to the Jockey Club and stamped "Retired From Racing". Please do not inquire about these horses if you intend to race and breed them.​​

Prepurchase Exams and Release of Medical Records

PPE's (Pre-purchase exams) are welcomed and suggested by our organization. If you do not have a vet to conduct a PPE, we can provide a list of veterinarians in the area to suit your needs. Most of our thoroughbreds come with diagnostics beforehand such as radiographs and ultrasounds that are available to any interested party. A PPE is the financial responsibility of the interested party. All records are fully disclosed to the interested adopter's veterinarian before a PPE. Please request these records for your vet at this link (must have approved application). Records released to interested parties will include: A full discharge informational sheet will be released electronically to adopters upon adopting a horse. This includes:

  • Coggins
  • Vaccinations
  • De-worming
  • Shoeing schedule
  • Tack Notations (sizing, type of bit, etc.)
  • Grain and Hay
  • Supplements
  • Turn Out routine
  • Any other pertinent information
When paperwork is completed, you will receive a PDF file emailed to you for your records.

About our Adoption Application

The best way to get started with inquiring about a horse is to submit an adoption application in FULL. Incomplete applications will result in slower processing times. All parties interested in coming to see and try a horse listed must first submit an application in full to us by email or Postal Service. YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED AN APPOINTMENT WITHOUT AN APPLICATION SUBMITTED. Please be sure to have a list of references. This should include people that know you around horses including your vet, trainer, a fellow boarder or barn manager. "Sight unseen" and out of state/country (Canada only) adoptions are allowed. We require insured and professional shippers (cost of the adopter) and who will keep parties updated on their horse's shipping and progress. All interested parties will be financially responsible for health certificates as well as required paper work for the transportation company.

Scheduling Appointments and Trying Horses

An application must be filled out and returned to us in it's entirety prior to meeting our horses. Our applications are simple and ensure our horses are safe, secure and receive the best homes possible. We track every horse for their entire lifetime. As new owners obtain full ownership of our horses, any horses that are being transferred in a sale, lease or "give away" situation must be reported back to TRRAC for a transfer contract. Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent submit an application and contact us prior to scheduling an appointment. In case a horse is unable to be supported financially, or unable to be cared for - they MUST be returned to TRRAC with all monetary efforts forfeited with no questions asked. Horses may be adopted to new owners and kept at our facility for training at any time. We encourage all interested parties to contact us via email at to inquire or schedule appointments. Appointments MUST BE scheduled prior to viewing or trying any horse, Please do not just "show up". If you do, we will not be able to accomodate you. We do have a locked gate at the end of our gates and camera monitored premises.

Deposits, Sight Unseen Adoption and Holds

If you are interested in a horse, a 20% deposit may be made on the horse's fee/price. This is a non-refundable deposit and ensures a security on the horse for 5 days. Pricing for horses are subject to change at any time, as well as availability. Scheduling an appointment will NOT gaurantee a horse's availablility. A deposit may be made through PayPal. We cannot guarantee a horse's availability if a deposit is not placed. We do not "hold" horses otherwise. When placing a deposit, you ensure the horse's availability as well as current price. If paperwork has not been completed (contract, bill of sale and submitting remainder of adoption fee) It will be assumed that the interested party has abandoned their interest in the horse and will forfeit their depost. "Sight unseen" and out of state/country adoptions are allowed. We use insured and professional shippers and will constantly keep parties updated on their horse's shipping and progress. All interested parties will be financially responsible for health certificates as well as required paper work for the transportation company. If you are adopting sight unseen, we will do our absolute best to provide all video and photo correspondence regarding the horse you are interested in. We encourage you to take advantage of our "virtual" appointments via video phone to view horses. Horses may be tried on premises - no trials will be allowed.

Step By Step - Adoption Processes