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Any interested adopter is required to fill out an application to adopt any of our horses. This application is available on our website and must be completed before scheduling an appointment to see a horse or even to place a deposit. Applications must be submitted with all required materials, such as our veterinarian reference form and at least TWO references who know you and your relationship with horses. 


STEP TWO: Approval


Applications are often reviewed the same day, with the exception of holidays or weekends, and are processed in as little as 24 hours granted your materials have been submitted with the application and your references have been successfully contacted. If you are missing materials or if your references have not contacted us within 72 hours, you will receive an email regarding your status. Once approved, you will receive an approval email to adopt a horse from our program. Should you receive your approval letter, you are welcome to place a deposit on a horse should you wish to hold the horse for an appointment. 




Once approved, you have several options when it comes to adopting a horse from our program. No matter your choice, we will help you every step of the way. All of our horses have been evaluated by at least one veterinarian for soundness or health concerns. 


Most horses are seen by a veterinarian at the race track prior to their departure to our facility and are followed up again by our in-house veterinarian upon arrival. All horses are fully vaccinated and up-to-date on deworming, farrier, work, Coggins, and dental each horse receives a small freeze brand associated with our program and is also microchipped. 


You may approach adoption in one of three ways:


  • Adopt sight unseen via video appointment. Video appointments are conducted via Zoom. You will be able to view a horse in motion, under saddle, and handled on the ground.


  • Adopt immediately without an appointment. If you have seen photos and video materials to your liking, you may move forward with paying the horse’s adoption fee and closing right away.


  • Scheduling an appointment to see the horse in person. You will have an hour to meet the horse you are interested in, handle and ride the horse prior to adoption.


Appointment times DO NOT hold horses; horses are adopted on a “first come, first serve” basis. The only way to hold a horse is through a non-refundable deposit hold. Should you wish to place a deposit on a particular horse, you may request a deposit agreement. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


We do not allow trials; however, we do welcome pre-purchase exams. Pre-purchase exams require a deposit hold from the adopter as we will need to hold the horse from other interested parties until the horse is examined and a decision for adoption has been made. We are happy to send any diagnostics or veterinarian notations to your veterinarian for their opinion should there be any records to send. TRRAC makes no guarantees on the temperament or soundness of any horse. Upon arrival, the program and its staff have limited information about a horse. We try to represent each horse to the best of our ability accurately and will share as much information as we have; however, the program requires the horse to complete various professional assessments before being offered for adoption.




Once you have found your perfect partner, you may close with your adoption contract. Contracts may be signed electronically and will be emailed to you in an “envelope.” Adoption fees must first be finalized and paid. You will receive an invoice for your adoption fee with a breakdown of the horse you are adopting, including if you placed a deposit (which will come off the final adoption fee). You may sign your adoption contract from your mobile device or on your home computer. Once signed, you have 48 hours to pick up or ship your horse. If you cannot pick up your horse within 48 hours, TRRAC offers a day-rate boarding option. There is a list of DOT Compliant shippers located on our website. Should you require to ship your horse, you may be required to obtain a mandatory health certificate from your shipper as required by law for equine travel. Please notify us if that is the case, and we can schedule the veterinarian to prepare a certificate for you. 


You will receive a copy of all paperwork, invoice receipt, and a discharge form that will list your horse’s medical and vaccination dates, feed schedule, and any additional important information needed to understand your horse’s needs. We are happy to “dress” your horse with blankets or shipping bandages (supplied by the adopter) if you are adopting sight unseen and shipping your horse via a commercial company. Additional supplements, such as electrolytes, etc., may be added on for an additional fee. Upon departure, your horse's physical condition will be notated in his or her digital file along with photographs of the horse's condition the day they depart TRRAC's facility, including the condition of the horse's hooves. 


We want to ensure you and your horse are bonding and that your horse is acclimating to his or her new lifestyle. TRRAC is here to offer free, professional assistance throughout your horse's lifetime, including nutritional advice, training, and more.


The program's adoption follow-up requirements are as follows:

- 14-Day post-adoption follow-up - Simply let us know how your horse has settled in.

- Updates every 30 days for the first six months, with an update every six months thereafter. Updates should include if the horse has changed in boarding facilities and a color side shot of the horse's body condition with NO TACK. 

- Veterinarian physical evaluation form at the one-year adoption mark OR when the horse's next scheduled vaccines are due. 

Ready To Adopt A Retired Racehorse?

Adopting a retired racehorse can be one of the most rewarding adventures you can experience! Retired racehorses are well-schooled horses who have so much to give after their racing careers are over. Most retired racehorses are still young and retire due to a lack of talent as a racehorse; however, these wonderful horses can offer so much more in a second career due to their athleticism, family bonding skills, and the training they have learned since the day they were born.


Racehorses are well-schooled horses that have experienced a lot of travel in their lives.

Almost all racehorses are handled and groomed daily and often ship or "trailer" weekly as part of their training and racing career. 

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