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Meeting Our Horses

What To Expect

Please, no dogs at our facility. An adopter may bring their trainer and one family member. 

If you are planning to try your selected horse under saddle, you will be required to sign a waiver, wear a helmet as well as proper riding gear (boots, etc.) It is recommended to bring your own saddle if you own one.


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Step 1 - Applications

1. Applications may be submitted either online. Applications are easy to complete online and must be filled out in their entirety to be considered for approval. Depending on your references, application processing time may take up to 5-7 business days. References must be accompanied by their phone number so we may contact them.


2. You must submit a recommendation form (located at this link) from your veterinarian, which can be attached to your application online or emailed to our office.

3. A riding video of not more than two minutes will be requested to show your ability to ride and handle a horse properly. Please be prepared to send a video that matches your ability to the ability listed on your application (for example, an advanced rider competing in jumpers versus pleasure or trail riding). 



Step 2 - Meeting Horses

Once your application is approved - you may go ahead and schedule an appointment either in person or online to meet and view horses you are interested in. Our staff will guide you in helping select your perfect horse. During this time, you may ride, groom and handle the horse, as well as ask questions you feel are important. Please inform our office if you are seeking a test ride prior to your appointment. A crew member will be on hand to assist in your test ride. If you DO NOT denote a test ride for your appointment, you will be unable to view the horse under saddle.

If you want to make a "one stop" and have an approved application, you may bring your trailer and take your horse home the same day!


Step 3 - Deposits and Pre-Purchase Exams

Once you have decided on a horse to adopt that seems to suit- you may place a deposit hold on the horse. During this time, a deposit hold will allow for paperwork, pre-purchase exams (recommended but not required), as well as arranging shipping. Deposits are required for a Pre-purchase exam. Deposits are 20% NON-REFUNDABLE. A deposit contract must be signed if placing a deposit.

A pre-purchase exam may be conducted by a veterinarian of your choice. If you do not have a veterinarian in our area, we can supply you with a list of local veterinarians to choose from.


Contracts and Taking Your Horse Home

Before taking your new horse home, you must sign an adoption agreement with our organization. The agreement may be signed electronically and when signed, agrees to keep our organization updated to the well-being of your horse. You will receive an invoice for your horse's adoption fee and once paid, your new friend is ready to come home! We accept PayPal, Venmo or Check (NO CASH).

Upon signing the adoption agreement, you will receive a discharge sheet complete with your horse's feed schedule, turn out, equipment utilized during training, vaccines, deworming, coggins, dental and shoeing date as well as any and all medical records.


After Adoption

After adoption updates are easy to send! We require a once monthly update for the first 6 months, with  updates every 6 months thereafter. Your horse's previous connections care about them and we are happy to supply our donors and racing connections with happy updates. Send photos! We love photo spam!


Updates may be submitted at the link below.


A yearly veterinarian letter of physical inspection and vaccines are required to be submitted to our office for our records each year during ownership.


All of these updates may be submitted easily through our website at this link.

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