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TRRAC Launches Thoroughbred Recreational Program


TRRAC Thoroughbred Aftercare has initiated the start of the Thoroughbred Recreational Program, which will focus solely on the training of retired thoroughbred racehorses for recreational and leisure riding. The program is expected to fully launch in the spring of 2023 but has started a “soft launch” for the program and educational planning. The program will offer what it calls “TRP Certified” horses for adoption. These horses will be trained in an advanced professional training program that will aim towards assisting horses who are disadvantaged for competitive careers such as show jumping and will offer extensive training for trail and obstacle work. Horses will be trained in both English and western tack and will need to pass a number of strict assessments to graduate as a TRP-trained horse. After a horse receives their passing grade, each horse will then be offered for adoption through TRRAC. It is the hope of the TRP that the program will facilitate a larger number of adopted horses professionally trained for amateur owners and riders, and offer a broader career path for horses who are disadvantaged in being placed as show horses or in an upper-level career. These career paths include therapy horses, trail horses, police horses, and leisure mounts.

The TRP program will also partner with several venues to offer educational seminars, training clinics as well as community-based forums and support for owners of off-track thoroughbreds. The TRP plans to offer fun and educational events such as judged trail rides, recreational games (mounted archery, etc.) as well as competitive trail obstacle courses, which will include “in-hand” classes for modeling as well as in-hand showing with trail obstacle courses for horses who are unable to be ridden as well as for para-equestrians who wish to attend with their horses.

The TRP is currently recruiting committee members that are excited to help with planning and contribute ideas towards the program. For consideration, please email

You may visit the program’s launch page at:

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