About Our Residents

Thank you for visiting our Sanctuary Residents! The following horses have been retired by their connections and have been placed in permanent sanctuary within our organization for a peaceful and happy retirement - they are not available for adoption. Most of our sanctuary residents have special needs, including specialized supplements and medications. We offer visitation for the public who wishes to visit and learn more about each of our horses. Please feel free to click on a horse's profile below and learn more about each of them- some horses even have videos of their most prestigious races!

If you wish to support any of the horse's you see, please click on that horse's profile and follow the link to their sponsorship page.

We thank you for your continued kindness towards a retired thoroughbred racehorse in need. Our program provides a lifetime safety net to keep all horses safe forever. 

Sponsor A Resident

Sponsoring a resident horse is a rewarding experience. Our residents reside on the farm in sanctuary as they were either directly retired to our program or at times have been rescued. These horses are not adoptable due to their special needs. Some require medication, supplements or specialize nutrition. 


Sponsorships help support their needs and their permanent stay. Click on each horse to learn more about them and their needs. 


What Happens With My Donation?

Proceeds donated towards your sponsored horse help fund your sponsored horse’s stay while in sanctuary. These funds are utilized for nutrition, medical care, hoof care, shelter and upkeep of their facilities (shelter and fields). Horses in sanctuary live their lives out in our program and these horses can age well into their twenties. 


In addition, as a sponsor you will receive a display folder with an 8” x 10” color photo of your sponsored horse, a biography of their racing career and life, visitation for grooming sessions and treat giving, and an official certificate recognizing your generous contribution. Additionally, platinum sponsors will be recognized by an engraved plaque that will be hung within the facility for all to see.

We love visitors and highly encourage (scheduled) visits!

Meet Our Sanctuary Residents