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Pico Suave - From Broken To Healing

Pico Suave in a PA kill pen needing help.

We promised to keep everyone updated on the little chestnut gelding we made a home offer to identified as "Pico Suave" - a winner of $241,114 found battered, thin and sick in a kill pen not far from us. We were asked to take Pico in, as no one else could or would at the time. He is currently still in quarantine.

In the past 45 days Pico (now named Prince) has slowly started to pick up. Luckily (we re extremely grateful and thankful) we received donations towards his care- which has amounted to quite a lot. Pico Suave's current costs incurred are as follows:

Shipping/Quarantine totaled $615.00 - Paid

His first vet bill was on Aug 29, of which he was found to have an upper respiratory infection. Pico received two doses of Excede to help clear it. He had a blood drawl and was noted to be very thin with skin rot. Sadly, the tag glued to his skin on his back was very hard to remove and took his hide off as well. That must have hurt badly..

Aug 29 vet bill totaled $245.80 - PAID

Poor Pico Suave... so we continued on with his treatments and time. I asked the vet to return in about two weeks to check in on him. Meanwhile, he received a trim, which totaled $30 and was also paid.

Slowly, Pico Suave has gained weight and his bite marks and wounds are clearing up. I was sent these photos!

And his photos with the farrier... total $30.00 - PAID

Pico Suave had another visit from the vet on September 12, of which we got his teeth done, blood tests, vaccinations and a general recheck. His teeth were very sharp and had not been done in a long time. Pico Suave's blood work unfortunately did not come back 100% and now he must remain in quarantine for a little bit longer.

Total bill: $455.75

If you are interested in helping with Pico's recent vet bill, please donate to his campaign here:

Pico will need another recheck with the vet, which will be more costs. It is also getting cold and Pico will need a sheet and a medium blanket. Please contact us at if you would like to help support him.

We thank our donors for items and monetary donations already sent to Pico Suave. It is REALLY appreciated and goes a long way for this poor horse down on his luck.

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