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Helping sight unseen adopters with LIVE appointments

Our program has now launched a new feature for those inquiring about horses "sight unseen". Utilizing "Google Duo", you can now schedule live appointments to view horses. During your appointment, view horses in the shedrow, live video of them being worked in the ring, cross country, trail riding or IN the show ring (if we are currently showing). Ask questions during your live appointment and more.

Deciding on a horse? Awesome! We will even live stream your horse loading up and shipping out. We are making "sight unseen" a bit easier so you can see the type of horse you are receiving no questions asked.

As we always do our best to send current photos and video, there is always back and forth with questions, more photo requests and more. We feel we can expedite your questions in an easier way!

So how does it work? It's easy and works just like a physical appointment!

1) Submit an adoption application 2) Give us a call to chat or send us an email. We will narrow down the horses you want to see as well as who will be a good fit. 3) Schedule an appointment during our hours of operation. Google Duo is often set up already on Android devices and is also available for iPhone users. We'll give you a call during your time slot. You can view the horses even with your trainer, friends, parents and more. 4) If interested in a horse in particular, proceed as you normally would (contracts, pre-purchase, deposit, etc.) 5) If you're far away, we can help with shipping! 6) Enjoy your new partnership with your best friend!

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