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2022 Fans Choice Awards For Favorite Retired Racehorse Voting Open

The list is live and Liquid Aloha is seeking votes at America's Best Racing in the 2022 nominations for Fan's Choice Awards for Favorite Retired Race Horse! America’s Best Racing will make a donation on behalf of each Fan Choice Awards winner to a horse-racing related charity of their choosing.

Aloha visited with residents of nursing communities who were unable to receive visitors or see their families during the pandemic's lockdown.

About Liquid Aloha (finalist):

Liquid Aloha is a permanent sanctuary resident at Thoroughbred Retirement, Rehabilitation & Careers (TRRAC) and was retired from racing in 2020 after sustaining an injury that required rehabilitation. Aloha healed soundly and was retired by his owner to TRRAC for permanent residence.

During his time at TRRAC, Aloha travels as an ambassador to horse expos and demonstrations to help provide education to the public about the Thoroughbred breed. He has exhibited in the parade of breeds and enjoys meeting children and adults alike. Aloha also helps to teach new volunteers how to handle horses who may not have horse experience.

Aloha engages with a young fan at the World Horse Expo

Aloha’s biggest accomplishment was being cleared as a therapy horse to visit residents in nursing communities that were unable to have family visit during the pandemic.

View the entries at THIS LINK

Aloha's travels take him to Springfield, Massachusetts November 9-13 for Equine Affaire. Be sure to visit Aloha at our booth as well as view him during his breed demonstration Thursday as well as for two performances on Friday. Further information available at or at Equine Affaire's Website

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Gina Kazimir
Gina Kazimir
Sep 15, 2022

Voted - good luck 🤞


Sep 14, 2022

Voted! Good luck Aloha!!

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