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Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity Theft (ON)







Identity Theft is a very special warhorse mare who retired to TRRAC in August of 2020 in partnership with Aftercare Charles Town. After an impressive race career, she retired sound with no known injuries and no known limitations for a future career. This special girl has had a rough go of it being adopted out and returned twice at no fault of her own. We can’t figure out why this girl hasn’t found the perfect forever home yet as she is truly one of the nicest horses we have in our program. She is an absolutely sweetheart, amateur friendly, and has no vices. ID does require front shoes and is currently on a 4 week schedule. She is easy to lead to and from turnout and stands nicely on cross ties and for vet and farrier appointments. ID has been ridden as a low level jumper and trail mount, and we would love to see her find the perfect forever home! This mare is very near and dear to our hearts and we will be selective on her forever home.


**Identity Theft is part of the warhorse initiative and is not eligible for resale**


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  • Information, Race History & Pedigree









    16HH BAY


    FEBRUARY 22, 2010


    84 (9-12-12) Earnings: $131,831





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    Interested parties requested an appointment MUST have an approved application on file. Applications will be approved in full providing an application form is filled out in its entirety that includes references as well as a completed vet reference form.


    Want to schedule an appointment to come see this horse? You can schedule right online! We offer two types of appointments- farm visits and live video chats. Video chat appointments are offered to applicants who are far away and would like to meet the horse they are interested in to either adopt sight unseen or would like to determine if the horse is for them before making a long trip. During video appointments we are able to do everything just as a physical visit- we can ride, groom, jog and show a 360 degree view of each horse. Please remember, an appointment does not secure the availability of a horse, however you may place a non-refundable deposit on a horse you are interested in.

    Interested parties requested an appointment MUST have an approved application on file. Applications will be approved in full providing an application form is filled out in its entirety that includes references as well as a completed vet reference form.


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  • About Adoption Fees & Deposit Holds

    As we are a 501(c)3 non-profit, we are not resellers, but DO feel it is fair to recoup the value of a horse depending on the amount of training the horse has had, it's athletic ability as well as it's resume. After all, you are getting a mount who has experience in a certain career set- whether they are a seasoned trail horse to already showing or a horse who has full upper level potential.

    At times we will have very low fees as well. Usually, we have holiday or season specials. These horses are usually either very green, are overlooked due to previous injury or are limited in their career paths. There is nothing wrong with them and often their fees are low to simply find them a home so we may make room for more horses- our average waiting list is up to 8 weeks, or 60 days long.


    If you are interested in a horse, a 20% deposit may be made on the horse's fee/price. This is a non-refundable deposit and ensure's a security on the horse for 5 days. Pricing for horses are subject to change at any time, as well as availability. Scheduling an appointment will NOT gaurantee a horse's availablility. A deposit may be made through PayPal. We cannot guarantee a horse's availability if a deposit is not placed. We do not "hold" horses otherwise. When placing a deposit, you ensure the horse's availability as well as current price.

    If paperwork has not been completed (contract, bill of sale and submitting remainder of adoption fee) It will be assumed that the interested party has abandoned their interest in the horse and will forfeit their depost.

    "Sight unseen" and out of state/country adoptions are allowed. We use insured and professional shippers and will constantly keep parties updated on their horse's shipping and progress. All interested parties will be financially responsible for health certificates as well as required paper work for the transportation company.

    If you are adopting sight unseen, we will do our absolute best to provide all video and photo correspondence regarding the horse you are interested in. We encourage you to take advantage of our "live" appointments via video phone to view horses.

    Horses may be tried on premises - no trials will be allowed.



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