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Enrolling A Horse

Racing is just the start of a thoroughbred's life and first career. But when your horse sustains an injury, or you need to secure their future when planning their retirement from racing, where can you go and who can you trust?

TRRAC works with many different track aftercare programs as well as many different owners and trainers who specifically choose to send their horses into our program. With our expertise in handling various sports injuries from soft tissue injuries to fractures, as well as working with the best surgeons and veterinarians in the country and providing proper let down time and restarting for a second career that suits them, you can be assured to trust your horse with TRRAC. 

All horses who enter our program are microchipped and contracted between TRRAC and their new homes, with each adopter personally screened with an adoption application. Adopters must give monthly updates on the horse and each horse is tracked for their entire lifetime, as well as offered the chance to return into our program at any time, no questions asked in the event they can no longer be cared for.

 Why Enroll With Us?

Placing a horse within our program gives an owner and trainer peace of mind that your horse is safe from harm. By signing a horse over to us, you are guaranteed your horse's safety and well being.

  • TRAINER PROTECTION. There is NEVER a discrepancy on where your horse went from a race track. A notarized contract shows you donated your horse straight to aftercare.

  • Keep track of your horse! Never a question as to where your horse went. 

  • Each adopter MUST submit an application and is reference checked. We also cross check with the adopter's trainer and current boarding barn to ensure the adopter's goals and ability to care for a horse they are interested in.

  • Any horse can return to us at any time, NO questions asked!

  • Horses are tracked and checked on in their new homes and are micro-chipped before leaving our facility.

  • We offer rehabilitative services and have fantastic relationships with top surgeons and veterinarians. We are a 5 star registered non-profit with top references.

  • Horses off the track gain a good family foundation, learning new careers with us that allows them to get a head  start on finding their perfect family. This includes professional training- your horse is off to a good head start which will benefit them in their new homes.


Enrolling Your Horse

Please use the form below to submit your horse. For each horse submitted, a donation is required for aftercare enrollment, which is determined by the amount of rehabilitative care (if any) your horse is in need of. The donation is a one time fee to ensure the care of your horse.



Each horse will be reviewed individually in the order they are received. Enroll early, as we do have a waiting list.


Each horse donated into our organization (if approved) must meet the following requirements:

  • Current vaccinations

  • Current coggins within 1 year

  • Valid Health Certificate (out of state horses)

  • Release of diagnostics and medical records

  • Original Jockey Club Papers accompanying your horse

  • Jockey Club Retired From Racing Form (MUST be Notarized) 

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