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Pico Suave Update 9/4

I just want to thank all of our supporters and those who donate to us. THANK YOU. Without you, it would be hard to take in horses who really need us. We pride ourselves with providing the BEST care to our horses and sending updates, posting photos and just generally keeping you informed of where your support goes. If anyone ever has a question about our program or an update on a horse, please feel free to ask!

I just wanted to update everyone on the little chestnut gelding we gave a home offer to that made it out of the auction/slaughter pipeline and was helped by his previous connections. Pico Suave, is a 6 figure winner of nearly 250k. Born in 2008, he is by Pico Central (BRZ) and really seemed to be in a hard spot to find a home. No one wanted to take him. NO ONE... so, we took him in. He was battered, bitten, had split hooves and a matted mane and tail. He also has an ulcerated scar in his right eye.

I decided to send Pico to Cindy Noll, which was a bit of a life save as we were really not anticipating not only taking a horse in on the fly, but also getting him picked up and finding propert quarantine in only a few days. We are very grateful to Cindy for helping us.

Pico loaded up and arrived in New York. Father than I wanted him to be from us- but I am not worried as Cindy has been sending me nearly daily updates of him.

I eventually had the local vet visit Pico. I expressed we wanted a physical exam, lameness evaluation, coggins (vaccinations if possible if he was healthy) and a general wellness check. While it seems that Pico is just malnourished and beat up, mane and tail in knots and matted- he seems to be okay overall. He does have vision in his eye. His feet are splayed and cracked and he is in dire need of a dentist. He also has terrible rain rot.

The removal of his "kill tags" were not easy, as they were glued tight to his hide. Unfortunately, the removal left him with peeling his hide off as well. I can only imagine how painful it was to have that tag on, burning his back.

The vet's emailed me a report about Pico's findings. He seems weak behind, seriously in need of a farrier (which we scheduled). He has an upper respiratory infection and was administered Excede to help clear it. I asked the vet to return in a short while to check Pico again and if healthy, give him his vaccinations. His plan is to transfer to our facility here when he is cleared and strong enough for travel.

If you would like to help sponsor Pico Suave, please feel free to visit his campaign at this link:

His transport, quarantine and vet invoice have totaled $615.00. His vet cost for last week was $245.80.


Vet comments are listed below:

On exam, he was bright alert and responsive with a BCS of 3/9. He had a normal heart rate

and a slightly increased respiratory rate. He had a temperature of 101.5, which was

increased from previous days. He had normal sounding lungs, though increased tracheal

noise and yellow nasal discharge. Mandibular lymph nodes were normal size. He has

significant skin disease including rain rot and scratches. There was a large divot in his right

front hoof. He was a grade 1/5 lame on both hind limbs, with some weakness in his hind

end. He has an old corneal scar, that does not pick up stain. It appears to block his vision

only where the scar is present.


Given Excede antibiotic today and left second dose to give in 4 days

continue antifungal treatments

Not healthy enough to receive vaccines today.

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