​Nina Lyman's passion for Thoroughbreds was evident from a young age. Raised on a thoroughbred breeding farm since birth and growing up in a racing and show environment, her love for horses was not only strong but keen.  Nina has re-trained many off-track thoroughbreds for showing and pleasure riding since a young girl. She would frequent auctions with her family, often bidding on and pulling thoroughbreds from terrible fates, many discarded with their racing plates still on, only racing days prior. Nina never bought made horses, more so- she worked hard training green horses and made her own.

In her younger years, Nina worked and trained with many different trainers, often as a working student and brought along her own horses in a variety of disciplines. As she homeschooled, this allowed her to "catch ride" and continue to learn from top professionals. ​Nina's own horses have always been thoroughbreds and her connections with them both on and off the track enabled her to understand how to bring them along, as she not only broke youngsters under saddle but exercised horses at major race tracks on the east coast as well as private farms. She became a working student for many top trainers in the early 2000's, eventually starting her own business in her 20's. She continues to train with top trainers for dressage and eventing, as well as attends many clinics per year with her own horses.

Nina's philosophy in re-training thoroughbreds off the track is a soft approach, combined with natural horsemanship and confidence. Her horses are brought along slowly and never rushed, often working at their own pace to produce confident and happy mounts. Her techniques prove true, as her first Thoroughbred Makeover event landed her in the top ten for her discipline. 

Horses under Nina's training learn the basics of dressage as their flatwork and are always introduced to trail riding, crossing natural elements such as banks, water, bridges, and logs as well as learning to ride quietly while crossing roads. Nina believes that all horses should be able to be ridden quietly outside the ring and should enjoy hacking out alone, as she often takes horses in her care off the property several times a month.

​Nina actively competes in hunters/jumper, jumpers,  competitive trail, dressage, and eventing. These skills are honed and applied to the re-training of the horses in the TRRAC program. Along with her husband, Charlie, she is experienced and extremely committed to rehabilitating thoroughbreds with the follow-through that after rehabilitation each horse can continue on towards a fantastic second career. ​​




​Charlie Lyman is a 3rd generation horseman and owner of Maui Meadow Farm. With many show ribbons under his belt in his younger days, he follows his father and his grandfather's footsteps with the thoroughbred breed by breeding, raising and training Maui Meadow's horses for both racing as well as for second careers.

​His passion for rehabilitating horses as well as safely re-homing thoroughbreds in need of a safe landing is second to none. Charlie focuses mainly on rehabilitation, as the program's horses utilize the farm's indoor swimming pool for therapy as well as many cutting edge therapies, corrective shoeing and so on. Charlie also assists his wife Nina with second career training as well as ensures horses on rehabilitative rest receive top care. 

In 2012, Charlie and Nina both began to see a dire need for a sanctuary and re-homing program for retired thoroughbreds, after many calls and pleas from owners asking if there was any place for their horse to go. As they started re-homing horses in 2012, their non-profit was brought to light in 2017 where Charlie is proud to apply his skills as a horseman for both training and rehabilitative methods, incorporating swim regimens in the facility's equine pool.

When Charlie is not found in the barn, with the vet or rehabilitating horses, he is often found on the trails as well as in the ring, assisting newly retired and green horses transition into their new careers with an older, seasoned horse for company. He enjoys attending trail rides, paper chases and off-site events such as expos and events.